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Yeah, so I am off work again.  Guess that means I'll be back on line more, though I'm trying to get a lot done at home right now so I won't pretend to make any promises.  I'm currently killing half of my lawn on purpose, creating a "outdoor living space" in my back yard, rearranging my landscaping, painting the house, preparing to hire someone to re roof the house and preparing to repaint the shed.  And that's just the stuff on the outside.  The inside is pure chaos.  We've all been working so much outside that we've severely neglected inside.  The laundry is finally almost caught up after 5 days of washing and the kitchen has been found though there is still at least two more loads of dishes to do.  Its all a bit overwhelming and highly intimidating.  It didn't help that I lost my "gung ho" motivation.  I didn't realize I was doing so much to leave an impression on my inlaws.  Last weekend, I discovered that I was though.  I had a bit of a break down from the stress of all I'm trying to get down for my inlaws in redmond and dissapointment because the inlaws in Olympia didn't make it up to see the transformation of the house.  I realize now that I got a bit crazed in the first 3 weeks of unemployment.  As a result I've been sick the last few days but I'm getting back on my feet and I'll be damned if the house won't be fully painted by the end of the weekend.  But naturally, as a result of illness and pity, I've run to the computer for distraction.  I stumbled onto an amazing piece of fanfic for Greys Anatomy (which is something I don't usually read) and now I'm using each chapter to motivate me to further my painting endevours.  As soon as I finish this chapter that I'm currently reading, I get to go outside and paint the front porch.  YAY!  But hey, when that's done, I get to read the next chapter and I'll admit, after two weeks of painting preparation and application, reading is FAR FAR Mmore exciting.  Thank You Burning Eden for helping me get my ass in gear and giving me some form of reward system.  I owe you one.

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Cuz I'm in a mood tonight...

How can you tell if lesbian carpenters built your house?

so... a friend sent me this link and I must say...

A picture is worth a thousand words



It is sooooo Damn NICE to be building again.  And right now it's even funny since I'm building a new Starbucks in Burlington.  Today was the first day and it totally kicked! 

I'd do cartwheels if I could.


Today is an important day for me and one that should be remembered long after my generation fades into the night.

I decided to see what the democratic presidential candidates had to say on this day (I couldn't find anything from McCain) - I'm not sure why exactly, but I did and as a result I read a speech that was very moving... so I'm sharing.

Can you guess which candidate gave which speech?

Today, we remember the light that was brought into the world by each of the six million Jews who lost their lives in the Holocaust, as well as the terrible darkness of the Nazi genocide. We also renew our commitment to combat the scourge of anti-Semitism everywhere, and to stand up against extremism and prejudice of any form.

Let us resolve to confront genocide and work to prevent mass atrocities, beginning with greater action to stop the killing in Darfur. And let us stand with the Jewish State of Israel, a strong and resilient democracy that emerged out of the shadow of the Holocaust, but which still has enemies that threaten its destruction.

The years may pass, but our memory of the Holocaust will never fade. Instead, it guides our commitment to honor those who were lost, recall the crimes that were committed, and work for a more just, peaceful, and hopeful future for all people.

"This week, we remember the millions of men, women, and children who perished during the Holocaust; and as we do, we ask, 'What must we do to ensure that this kind of destruction will never happen again?'

"We reflect on the lives that were lost, the courage of those who stood up to the Nazis, like the heroes of the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising; and those of all faiths who risked everything to save lives. On this somber day, I am also reminded of the Holocaust survivors that came to this country, and who have greatly enriched our nation with their talent, energy, and dreams. Their stories and their willingness to share them will guarantee that future generations will never forget.

"The lessons of the Holocaust call us to act. As my friend, ________, said, '...to remain silent and indifferent is the greatest sin of all...' Let us today renew our pledge that we will not be indifferent to moral injustice in the world; that we will not remain silent; and that we will speak out against crimes against humanity, threats of extermination, and genocide, such as that now being perpetuated in Darfur. We must act so that we may truly say to the world, 'Never again.'"

(I had to blank out the quoted friend because it apparently gives away the answer...) 


a great summary of the "documents" Clinton and Obama have prepared and shared with the state of Oregon...


It's worth a read - mostly because to me, it points out Obama's lack of commitment and knowledge.  1) he probably should have read the document before it posted.  2) if he doesn't know the laws that have already passed in Oregon how can he claim to care enough to make a change that Oregon can believe in?

*shakes head*

And for those of you in Oregon that appreciate the Right to Die... you should look up what Clinton and Obama have to say about that one.


I've read a lot about H. Clinton and B. Obama about their support of the LGBT community.  I have spoken with many members of the community locally that support Clinton.  When I've asked them why, they tell me about how she's always fought the good fight and how much they admire her.  Most of these people have been gay men.  On line however I've found exactly the opposite...most of the members of the LGBT community I've encountered are firm and die hard supporters of Obama.  They believe Bill Clinton threw the community "under the bus" and as such, Hillary Clinton should pay. 


An lj friend posted this and I decided to join the bandwagon...


Did you see CNN?  Are you watching it? 

Obama has at least 30 minutes of free national press and campaigning thanks to this jerk.

Additionally, Obama isn't carrying himself like he usually does.  Anyone have any comments or feedback on their interpretation of this "press conference"? 

Anyone have any ideas how to get Clinton such extensive and FREE exposure?!?

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