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isle_o_bubba's Journal

23 September
I hate writing bio information, it always makes me think of writing obituaries. "Herein lies the remains of the gibberish once known to be the thoughts of Bubba." blah blah blah

If you really want to know a little bit about me, you can either read my lj or visit my myspace page. http://www.myspace.com/BubbaJMcSmith

Otherwise, well... I like just about anything, I'm a jack of most trades, I'm passionate, I'm emotional, I'm both young and old, and I'm extremely unreliable when it comes to my "online presence." My beliefs are all over the map, I do not judge and I do not expect anyone to agree with me. Currently I'm active in the politics of the USA, I'm writing fanfic, and I'm desperately awaiting my next job.

Gods be with you - always,
Bubba J